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General inspection

Buildings and facilities managed by METRO PROPERTIES can be visited by as many as 400,000 people over the course of a single weekend. Ensuring the continued safe use of our facilities is a key priority. Every single inspection is conducted in a thorough and detailed manner. The names of our inspectors are displayed under every protocol that makes up the inspection process.


Our key competences are:



"In our work experience, we have found that conscientiousness, orderliness and the appropriate official permission is the foundation on which to build and establish trust. Our team consists of engineers with over thirty years of seniority, operating in the construction and building, electrical and sanitary field. Over the last twenty years, Metro Properties has conducted over one thousand inspections of large surface areas in Poland. We certainly know what it takes to safely operate such large scale facilities." Andrzej Wiejak, Director of General Inspection Depratment.