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A key aspect of the functioning of a modern enterprise management, in terms of the commercial real estate industry is anticipating and preventing a crisis while maintaining thought out, fair, honest and transparent communication based on dialogue. Not only through communication, but also listening, analyzing and drawing the appropriate conclusions.


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We successfully create and maintain the positive image of our managed facilities taking advantage of the support of METRO  European leader of solutions in the field of commercial property management. Managing over 840 facilities in more than 30 countries.


"Typically, managers call for Public Relations only after the milk has already been spilled, and the resulting problem has a direct impact on the functioning of the company. Building up an image is a delicate art that requires time and experience. The goal of sustainable growth in the value of managed property can not be achieved without cultivating solid and strong relationships with business partners, the media, the authorities and representatives of government." - Jakub Jarczewski, Head of PR and Business Development Department.