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Property management

METRO PROPERTIES managers understand that the success of a business depends solely on their work. Commitment, enthusiasm and motivation foster a positive atmosphere and establish good relationships with Tenants. This makes it easier and more effective to implement new solutions and strategies, as everything moves forward with the cooperation and approval of Tenants. Our Tenants receive complete support from us and the local management team is always at their disposal.

The managers of our Shopping Centers are not only responsible for planning and monitoring budgets, while ensuring liquidity in their day-to-day operations, but also building and strengthening relationships with local communities. This is achieved by supporting associations, chambers of commerce or forming appropriate relationships with local authorities and their services.


We place special emphasis on the supervision of the current operation of the managed facility:

These are the key factors that both draw attention to our business partners and visitors to our clients.


"METRO PROPERTIES managers of Shopping Centers are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the retail and commercial real estate industry." - Paweł Kurcz, Director of the division for Management of Shopping Centers.