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A reliable business partner

At METRO PROPERTIES we believe that ethical, legal and business practices are of great value to our organization, employees, business partners and the public. In our day-to-day work we follow the rules laid out in the Compliance Program. This consists of a set of rules and procedures that clearly describe and define "fair play". It is based on our Business Principles:


Current procedures and rules are taught to our employees when cooperation begins. Regular training helps us to maintain a high Compliance culture in all areas of our business. The culture of feedback and response to irregularities allows us to improve our work on a daily basis. Thanks to the Compliance online tool, we respond to violations identified on an ongoing basis.

The platform is available both for employees and our business partners 24 hours a day, from every corner of the globe, in all 30 languages of the METRO:

"Compliance is to work with laws, company guidelines, generally accepted standards, and best practices." says Agnieszka Saternus-Kozłowska, HR Director/ Compliance Officer.