Al. Krakowska 61
02-183 Warszawa


Our mission


Our mission isto take full ovnership in everything we do and provide momentum- this is what we mean by driving real estate value.


As a part of the METRO, we are aware of the needs and challenges companies face when operating in the retail and commercial real estate market. Using individually tailored and innovative concepts, we combine the essence of this activity with our expert knowledge of managed properties.


At METRO PROPERTIES we pay special attention to the entire life cycle of the property. This way, we ensure optimal use of the capital invested by our partners. With this strategy we successfully implement the goal of sustainable growth of our properties in terms of value.


A strategic vision, knowledge of each location, and focusing on the details of local conditions are the keys to managing the assets of our portfolio.


"A permanent team of specialists, the latest data about our real estate partners and market trends backed up by 20 years of industry experience is our greatest strength." - Renata Kinde-Czyż, METRO PROPERTIES CEO.