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Compliance policy




METRO PROPERTIES has an extensive Compliance program that covers 6 areas: offering and giving benefits, demanding and accepting benefits, compliance with competition protection law, multiculturalism, equal opportunities and tolerance - means prohibition of discrimination.

More about Compliance policy in METRO PROPERTIES

Gender Equality




We actively support the professional development of women, providing equal career opportunities to all employees regardless of gender.

Among our employed crew, 43% are women, while 57% are men. The percentage of women in managerial positions amounts to as much as 40%.

Employee engagement




At METRO PROPERTIES we attach great importance to increasing the commitment of our employees.

Once a year, in the METRO VOICE examination, we ask our employees for their valuable opinions on their work environment. We focus on the style and quality of management, self-realization and that our employees feel a sense of  genuine pride and satisfaction in their duties. The study takes into account the opinions of all employees who openly participate. The results are then discussed and the necessary changes or improvements are implemented.

In 2018, the commitment rate was as high as 84%!

Employee volunteering




Every year, METRO PROPERTIES employees participate in a nationwide project called "Szlachetna Paczka", this provides support for families who struggle in their day-to-day life.

In the spirit of generosity, the initiative was started by the employees themselves, they select the method of support and organize a collection of goods for families in need. 

Every year, our METRO PROPERTIES employees also take part in a beach volleyball charity tournament.

Ecological policy




The ecological policy at METRO PROPERTIES ensures that all our activities are in accordance with the law and protection of the natural environment is a priority:

·      we meet all legal requirements in the field of environmental protection

·      we protect the resources of the natural environment

·      we rationalize the usage of resources and raw materials

·      we optimize costs

·      we are constantly implementing improvements in the functioning of the company with regards to environmental requirements

Effective resource management




For the period 2015 - 2019 METRO PROPERTIES approved a number of long-term goals to reduce negative impact on the environment by reducing the following:

·      the amount of waste sent to landfills

·      electricity consumption

·      water consumption

·      emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Automotive policy




The current car policy at METRO PROPERTIES limits the usage of cars with high emissions and carbon dioxide, thus minimizing their negative impact on the environment.

Breeam in-use Certificate




Beginning in 2012 every M1 Shopping Center is subject to a comprehensive assessment in terms of "asset" and "Building management" and has obtained the appropriate Breeam certificates which stand for high organizational efficiency and involvement of employees of our organization.

In the category:

·      "Asset” – every M1 Shopping Center has received an "excellent" rating

·      "Building management” - seven out of nine facilities received an "excellent" rating and 2 Centers in particular (M1 Kraków and M1 Poznań) achieved the highest possible rating of "outstanding".

White certificates




In 2017 all of the M1 Shopping Centers managed by METRO PROPERTIES modernized their lighting system to reduce energy consumption. As a result of these energy saving activities, we won a pitch organized by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and we also obtained energy efficiency certificates known as "White certificates" that officially confirm the savings.